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Your Reference Guide

Here are the photo's taken
for the production of
"Learn How To Paint In Acrylic."
Please feel free to print out a photo as a reference guide to paint.

American Flag (Memorial Day Tribute)
Bane (a small dog)
Buns (a small Bunny)
Black Lab's Kholby and Cheyenne
Boots (a Cat)
Buttercup (Cow)
Brown Bear
Cabin Snow Scene
Christmas Puppy
Cheetah (large Cat)
Cricket the Cockatiel
Crater Lake
Country Road
Country Road Snow Scene
Covered Bridge, Sandy Creek
Evil Pumpkin
George (a Squirrel)
Grim Reaper
Glow In The Dark Landscape (A Saint Patrick's Day Special)
Helen The Chicken
Izzabelle the Lady Vampire (English Bull Dog)
Kat (cat)
Maggie (Dog)
Odie (Dog)
Oregon Coast
Rocky (a Raccoon)
Sanderling (a small bird)
Santa Claus
Bill and Sally (Two Seagulls)
Spirit of Halloween
Siska (Siberian Husky)
Sisters (a Snow Cap Mountian)
Wild Turkey
Umpqua Valley Lighthouse
Waterfall (Fall Creek Falls)
Witchy-Poo (Penny a Small Dog)