Upon the Bells of Christmas Past
By Robert Fischer
Copyright 2007

. . .Late one Novembers night,
Jack frost was in the air,
As I left the store to go home,
I stopped to listen upon the night air . . .
Jack had been hard at work,
Sharing his ice crystals galore,
That bedazzled all of the parking lot,
Up to our very front doors.
. . .Can you hear it? . . .
. . . The bells . . . The bells of Christmas past.
How many years will pass,
Until we will plainly see,
The greatest gifts are given,
Only wrapped in love,
And timeless humility.
At first I tried to ponder,
What Christmas meant to me,
Growing up as a child,
The wonder of presents,
Gently guarded by the noble arms,
Of a sacred Christmas tree.
But upon the most precious gifts,
That you could ever feel,
Were the ones that touch the live of others,
That gold and diamonds canít reveal.
Remember a golden smile J ,
To warm the soul with love,
That softens up the hardest heart,
Like a warm embrace from above.
Upon the gift of service,
And the love of helping hands,
To ease the stress of life,
When everything demands.
When someone faces a trial,
With only the world to bear,
Share a drop of patience,
To calm a heated flare.
But most of all be thankful for the one,
Who brought us these gifts of all,
From a precious babe in a manger,
To warm your heart,
Who loves us all . . . . . . . .

A Christmas Story
By Robert Fischer
Copyright 1995

About this time of year,
There comes a celebration,
When the child in everyone,
Has great anticipation.
With boxes bows, candy canes,
Hot Spiced cider, model trains,
lots of carols and the tree,
How much more is there to see?
Giving, Caring, love and sharing,
They are all good, but . . .
Long ago, far across the sea,
In a little town,
Where there wasn't much to see.
No lights, no tree,
No things to catch your eye,
If you listen very close,
You may hear him cry.
I multitude of angels, and shepherds gather round,
Animals are watching,
And kings are kneeling down.
It is the birth,
Of a very special child,
Who is very humble,
Gentle meek and mild.
So remember,
When you gaze upon that tree,
The birth of a special child,
Who died for you and me.