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T C Ranch
Welcome to our family website
Please call (541)-530-4738 for Information on where we will be next.
T C Ranch
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While we are new to the world of websites, we have over 30 years of experience in Farming & Ranching, Including book-keeping, Chemical-Free Salad Greens, Pure Breed French Angora Rabbits, Custom Grown Chemical/Hormone-Free Beef & Pork, Hand Made Cabochons and Wire Wrapped Necklace. What an unique combination. Honey, Salad-Greens, Vegetables, Rabbits, Beef/Pork and Chickens.
Where do the rocks fit in? To start, all winter long the last of the Farmers Markets close up for the season during October. By then the rains have come and not much work outside. So, we convert our Honey Shop AKA “The Ark” to Rock Shop = cutting slabs from material we collected during the summer from various sites. Sanding and polishing over 300 unique individual pieces. These will sell all summer long at our stand and at craft fairs during the winter. They are also available on the website.

Back to the rock” our winter job: The last of the Farmers Markets Scheduled to end the last weekend of October. We begin a great shift. All of the rock equipment gets moved out into the ark. And the honey extractor-supers, capping tank gets moved into storage; there the equipment will start till around March when the equipment will trade places again.

In November and December we do attend several craft and gift fairs where we sell raw honey and our custom wire wrapped cabochons.

During the wet days of winter over 300 cabs will come to life made from slabs we have collected through out various sits all over Oregon they are, Obsidian, Jasper, Agate, Petrified Wood and Rhodonite.

Every cab is hand shaped using a 6 wheel genie. Once roughed down 5 additional wheels are used to shape and carefully smooth the cab, then one final polish on a 14 inch leather wheel. We strive for quality not quantity. Once polished, the cabs are selected for wire wrapping.

Every stone in nature is unique so are the wire-wrapping and these are not cheap pre-wrapped findings but custom made one at a time. We use German grade 20 gauge wires with various color of wire 24 or 26g set wire. Since every stone is handmade the size is an approximant: We also make free form shapes from time to time and have custom wrapped heirloom stones for our customer’s special order. (Remember the stone that your grandparent gave you when you were little.)

The point to remember, the wire wrapping is done by hand using simple tools like those used 1000’s of years ago.

If you have a specific idea, contact us. We currently have finished cabs in; Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, London and England.

French Angora Rabbits
After several seasons of working other projects, we are please to once again offer pure breed French Angora Rabbits. I personally want to thank both Arymne Dix of “Kiwi Rabbitry” and Dawn Panda of “Fluff N Fur Angora.” Both breeders have maintained pure bloodlines of French Angoras, going back years to our herd, keeping bloodlines pure are extremely difficult with the constant pressure to hybrid them for the quick fix. This will cause poor body types, density of wool, even ear carriage. Hybreeding will excel in the first generation, but will come back to haunt you further on. By breeding select animals to the standard perfection and constant attention, show-quality animals can be kept pure.

French Angora Rabbits offer a unique chance of two purposes vs. one. First French are commercial type animals-Dressed out. Body type is identical to other meat only rabbits- New Zealand-California.

They produce wool extremely valuable to hand spinners: Purebred French are able to have there wool collected by hand known as “plucking.” An animal whose wool is ripe simply pulls loose by the hand full, and Blowing puts wool in the air in all directions. Around our barn we have small birds that collect the loose rabbit fur and build their nest with it. Hybrid and crossbreed rabbits, those with German & English Angora in their bloodline tend to be sheared with electric clippers. Plucking the wool actually irritates the skin, and the hybrid bloodline, pure French show no discomfort at all.

The photo of Sprinkles from Dawn Panda of Fluff-n-Fur Angora.            The photo of Zahn from Arymne Dix of Kiwi Rabbitry.

We offer bunnies from select mating year round, so keep in mind, our herd is pure-breed French Angora providing meat and wool.

The true testament to the value of having-breeding and showing French Angora Rabbits:

We believe in Self-Sufficient-Reliant-Survival Living;
Taking from the land while giving back at the same time. The bees pollinate in all directions over one mile thus helping not only our crops but the wild sources. Surplus products are sold directly through Farmers Markets. Sub quality produce is either feed to the livestock, Cattle, Pigs, Rabbits and Chickens or composted to revive the soil naturally, no chemicals: Manure is constantly used to amend our 2184-sq-ft of raised growing beds. By using mat planting, weeds have little chance to get going, plus by using shade cloth over the beds our season is extended greatly.

We produce our own seed;
Over the years through natural selection we have developed types of plants that do better here naturally. We use what we produce and grow. Chemical-Pesticide Free.