P o e t r y
By Robert Fischer

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Once Upon Eagles Wings
By Robert Fischer
Copyright 2007

One day upon life’s fury,
When I could take no more,
I felt the rains of healing,
As it sprinkled on my floor.

Before stress could find me,
To rest my blurry eyes,
I took a little nap,
And faded to the skies. . . . .

As one of Fathers children,
It was time to close the gate,
Walking upon the hands of time,
Not wanting to be late.

There were things to me to find,
I was given many choices,
By the paths of Many voices.

From the example of my parents,
The wheel was given to me,
I set out upon the path,
To see what I can see.

Then I lost control,
Swerved, then over turned,
Barely Alive I crawled out,
Watchin’ my car deformed & slowly burn.

Near the edge of a cliff,
My hope was fading fast,
Then I started to fall,,
But then a giant shadow fell fast.

Before I hit the ground,
Two giant talons held me tight,
We flew up above the cliff,
And the ground was out of site.

As I opened my eyes,
Near the clouds and fancy free,
I saw my life’s journey,
And where I was supposed to be.

Then we landed in a giant tree.

He told me in a low eagles voice,
He was here to help me,
And with a guided choice.

So I flew with the eagles,
Found a better choice,
From saving my dying soul,
To an eagles noble voice.

The Heart of a Child
By Robert Fischer
Copyright 2007

How many stories have you seen where girl met boy,
To feel the love and unified joy.
Or a man to pets his dog,
Feeling the love of a friend through campfire bog.

But have you seen the love of a child?
Who shared so tenderly,
All that they can give,
Giving you their golden heart each day,
As strongly as they strive to live.

To them they see no strangers, And everyone is good,
Every day its time to play,
To find adventures as they should.

But time would show no mercy,
And evil know no sleep,
To feel the tears of blind deceit,
To washed the tarnished fear.

From the love of an Eternal Father,
And through his precious sun,
A golden glow of love,
Will cleanse for hearts within.

From radiance of reverence,
To bow on bended knee,
To say a prayer in humble heart,
To find the child in me.

So remember a child’s love,
And repentance never to part,
To walk in the love,
From father to sun,
As a child’s humility of heart.

Pray In Faith
By Robert Fischer
Copyright 2007

When blind is the mind,
And faith is the key,
The heart to the answer,
Is not what you see.

When Chaos is king,
Illusions will bring,
Temptations at a masquerade ball.

The glamorous dresses,
Sharp buttoned suits,
Have a magic, That’s almost unreal.

But when you have Finished,
The magic will fade,
The deception of heart,
Will be real.

BUT WAIT . . . . . . . . .

All is not lost,
The keys to the quest,
Are locked up inside,
The heart in your chest.

The door behind me,
Is a perilous quest,
The greatest of all treasures,
May be found.

To find what you seek,
Join the humble and meek,
And forget not your sword and shield.

I give onto you a mighty sword,
And a shield of faith by your side,
If you partake of a humble spirit,
The Holy Spirit will be your guide.

Don’t forget the word,
In humility of heart,
Let the scriptures be your guide,
From everyday to start.

As you go to battle,
Kneel in humble prayer,
The lord will guide your sword and shield,
And angels will protect you there.

Pray in faith . . . . . . .

By Robert Fischer
Copyright 2007

About this time of year,
There comes a celebration,
When the child in everyone,
Has great anticipation.

With boxes bows, candy canes,
Hot Spiced cider, model trains,
lots of carols and the tree,
How much more is there to see?

Giving, Caring, love and sharing,
They are all goo, but . . .

Long ago, far across the sea,
In a little town,
Where there wasn't much to see.
No lights, no tree,
No things to catch your eye,
If you listen very close,
You may hear him cry.

I multitude of angels,
and shepherds gather round,
Animals are watching,
And kings are kneeling down.
It is the birth,
Of a very special child,
Who is very humble,
Gentle meek and mild.

So remember,
When you gaze upon that tree,
The birth of a special child,
Who died for you and me.

By Robert Fischer
Copyright 2007

Remember to smile :)
Keep an open mind,
Your future will be bright,
There is more for you to find.

I want you to know your kindness,
Was not brought in vain,
You a have a beatiful heart,
An inner beauty that was never plain.

Show me your smile:),
Please dont run away,
A smile is forever,
upon this rainy day.

Sword, Shield, and Prayer
By Robert Fischer
Copyright 2007

Upon the misty wind,
The sands of time will fall,
Adventure through the giant trees.
And hear the eagle call.

As i kneel by the waters of faith,
And to clense my sheild and sword,
And bow my head and pray,
To receive a blessing from the lord.

"Thank you Father,"
"From this day to start,"
"Please help me to keep a reverent mind,"
"And valiant purity of heart."

As I traveld through the woods
Of a Dark and misty mountain,
I stopped to fetch a drink,
From a forgotten fountain.

. .jumping from the shadow,
Of a giant tree,
A shadow of darkness swung his blade at me.
My life he tried not to yeild.

I dropped to the ground,
And my shield stopped his best.
Spun around my blade of light,
and smote him through the chest.

Life is full of battles,
Each an every day,
Dont forget your sword and shield,

. . and dont forget to pray.

The Guardian
By Robert Fischer
Copyright 2008

Upon the meadow,
I stayed to rest my feet,
Not knowing where the road would lead,
From Sun, to rain, to sleet.

To take a moment,
To Offer a little prayer,
Then I heard an eagle cry,
A beautiful sight to share.

High above me,
In an evergreen,
A white majestic eagle,
Had his eyes on me.

He bid me not to worry,
Asked me to get some rest,
For he knew upon the road to come,
Was another binding test.

“Please listen, my friend,”
“These words I have for you,”
“For you are not alone,”
“Upon this road to view.”

“I know your perilous journey,”
“Is so very far away,”
“The answers that, you seek,”
“Are for the humble and the meek.”

“Be weary of the counsel,”
“From the hearts of men,”
“To the thoughts you ponder,”
“To persuade you now and again.”

“Fear not my Friend,”
“For I will be your guide,”
“I am always watching,”
“Always by your side. . . . .”

I made a little shelter,
And rested my weary head,
To rest a timeless sleep,
I rested in my bed..

. . .Early rise,
I could not sleep,
For the future beckoned me,
I knew one of my greatest tests,
Was very near to find me.

There came a fork upon the road,
To the left a desert on a hill,
To the right a gentle mountain path,
That seemed an easy way to tread.

Little did I know that over that small desert hill,
Was the land of comfort that I longed to seek,
But wandered into the mountain trail,
. . .Were my thoughts to the meek?

The trail narrowed and ended . . ..
But I really didn’t see,
How in the small brush it blended,
. . . .and natures beauty ended.

Upon a gray fog,
That crept from beneath the brush,
In the Valley of the Shadow,
A scary time didn’t hush.

Beyond the shadows,
Slowly with fear,
And walked very slowly,
My mind not so clear.

Then out the trees,
Came a gnarly beast,
To end my quest,
And have a good feast.

Just when you thought,
All hope lost its day,
A mighty cry from the sky,
With a flash of light to display.

Talons extended,
Right in front of my face,
Snatched up the beast,
With honor and grace.

Giving me courage and faith,
He flew close by my side,
The shadows all parted,
Until we passed the valley side.

To finally walk upon the soft grass,
Of a land of comfort by a gentle stream,
I found some berries and fruit,
And rested . . .
. . ..just like a magical dream . . . . . . . . .

The path of life,
Is often not to clear,
From thorns,
To meadows,
And stealthy, shadows of fear.

Be humble and meek,
And Faith shall ye seek,
And never shall ye be alone,

For the Guardian shall be your guide,

Upon the journey home . . . . . . .

The Heart of the City
By R G F
Copyright 2008

Near he edge of the populous crown,
With veins of stone that crosses my feet,
I bond with transit pulse,
Moving towards city heartbeat.

I find the concrete under my sense of travel,
From the lost shoppers with lone eyes in search of lost treasure,
To the runners and wanderers to scan, stone jungle in Euphoric measure.

Upon the red haze of sleepy shadows cast upon slowing shop windows,
Life starts to fade to hollow wisps of quiet in the last breath of sun,
As the slow glow of city lights and night life has just begun.