Heart and Mind
By Robert Fischer
Copyright 2008

Upon a busy freeway,

Thatís always on the go,

You will find a busy mind,

Crusiní with the flow.


It tries to catch the feelings,

It tries to feel the love,

But like a super computer,

Logic canít appreciate,

The softness of a dove.


It wants to understand.

It wants to see whatís there,

But logic cant compute,

What only a heart can feel there.


Upon the gentle mood,

Like the petals of a rose,

Feel the tenderness and warmth,

Only a beating heart that knows.


To become a special soul,

More then a body with computer as mind,

A beating heart of love,

Brings personality, joy, divine.


Donít let your mind take over,

When you think you feel love,

Ask your beating heart,

Like that supple dove.


For the heart moves very slowly,

And take time to grow the love,

Like Heavens singing angels,

That enchant us from above.


So donít let your mind fool you,

When channel of love is felt,

To open the petals of a budding rose.

Only the truth of the heart,

. . . Knows.


Two Hearts, One Love

By Robert Fischer

Copyright 2010



The day hath found its meaning,

Never to ponder in doubt,

To heareth a faint heartbeat,

That giveth you vigor to shout.


At first we shared a friendship,

Serenaded common ground to go,

Beyond the banks of friendship,

Love began to overflow.


Beyond the eminence of a different light,

When I saw you there,

You gave my life such meaning,

To feel your loving care.


So now we walk, hand in hand,

The path of love divine,

So when I see your loving eyes,

I know that you are mine.