2022 The Art Show Collection Exhibition

Artist Michael J Pickett

-Call to Galleries-
If your interested in Hosting the 2022 Art Show Collection Exhibit, Please Email me at: pickettonline@yahoo.com
Featuring: Statue of a Wolf made of masking tape
36 inches wide, 5 feet long, 7 feet tall.

Artist Statement

I'm Putting together an art show, the projected date is for November 17th 2022,(Date Subject to change.) it takes about a year to prepare.
On this site you will be able to see first hand the progress of the Statues, Painting and Music as its being created

History of The Art Show Collection

(1993) The Art Show Collection

Michael came up with the idea; asking why no one has come up with a show that features all the different creative talents of one artist? He came up with the name "THE ART SHOW COLLECTION."
Catered by a French Cuisine, Wine tasting from local winery, featuring 6 life-size Statues, Original paintings, Music and over all; Attracted Media Attention!