2022 The Art Show Collection Exhibition

Artist Michael J Pickett

-Call to Galleries-
If your interested in Hosting the 2022 Art Show Collection Exhibit, Please Email me at: pickettonline@yahoo.com
Featuring: Statue of a Wolf made of masking tape
36 inches wide, 5 feet long, 7 feet tall.

Artist Statement

I'm Putting together an art show, the projected date is for November 17th 2022,(Date Subject to change.) it takes about a year to prepare.
On this site you will be able to see first hand the progress of the Statues, Painting and Music as its being created

History of The Art Show Collection

(1993) The Art Show Collection

Michael came up with the idea; asking why no one has come up with a show that features all the different creative talents of one artist? He came up with the name "THE ART SHOW COLLECTION."
Catered by a French Cuisine, Wine tasting from local winery, featuring 6 life-size Statues, Original paintings, Music and over all; Attracted Media Attention!


The Art Show Collection
Educational value of the show is what can be created with vary little, through imagination!

Artist Statement: I donít know how Iím able to do all of this, but somewhere inside me I know that I stand out from the rest, Iím unique and have some powers that are beyond comprehension. I stay pretty much to myself and I feel like someone who is not from this planet and that there are differences that I readily perceive. All of this makes me self-conscious and also makes me more critical of myself. I judge and criticize myself a lot which I should not, but I do because I feel alienated at times.
Iím vary humble and definitely not better than anyone else. I have so much to achieve, and thatís why I take my own time to do so, there are times when I get irritated and agitated because of keeping a lot of expectations for myself, and when Iím not able to execute it, I feel low. However, I have to make sure that all these expectations are achievable, not impractical and unfeasible.
As a result, I trust my intuition more which allows me to communicate with others. Self-expression and originality are also associated with me. There is a supernatural message that tells me that I can accomplish things that were previously unthinkable.

I have a high functioning anxiety, color-blind and dyslexic.
My goal as an artist is to make a difference in the world of art.

This is a message to you, my Friends: We all have wonderful talents to bring to the World of art. Your unique style and ambitions are greatly respected. We are
Empowered by the inspiration of our souls, inspired by the beauty of the world around us.

Competition in the world of art is so high that good artist will eventually give up, not knowing that in there own way, they really are making a difference and maybe not in the world, but in the local community, their family and friends. Donít give up!

Biography: My life is a journey through time;

From drawing a paper Halloween skeleton displayed on a second floor of a two story apartment in complete detail at the age of four and doing masterpieces at the age of 63.

It seemed at a young age I have the ability to create though innovation, imagination and insight. Maybe I never finished my goals from my previous life, to be reincarnated into this one for more time.

I was a vary shy 6 year old starting my education at the Grade-School in Dillard, Oregon 1965.
In the morning when I came to school, I didnít like to be outside with the other kids so the Teacherís let me in the classroom to play the piano, which was my every morning routine.

Mr. Town my 5th grade teacher 1969: We were all entered in a Health Safety Poster Contest, (it was only if we wanted to enter.) My poster was a painting of a pack of cigarettes with a skull, I won first place! That Christmas Mom and Dad bought me a complete oil paint set and canvases; before that all I did was draw!

My inspiration was my Family, and Dorothy the owner of The Art Mill, dad took me there for art supplies!

Growing up it was much easer to keep to myself to paint and create.

My accomplishments through the passing of time:
Many commissions of portraits, landscapes and murals, mixing cremation ashes into paintings of people and pets for a memorial heirloom. Masking-tape sculptures, creating original production music,
TV Show, ďLearn How to Paint in AcrylicĒ Oregon Public Broadcasting, Comcast Cable Channel 29, Xfinity Channel 1088 creating over 50 Episodes.

Future shows coming soon; featuring paintings, masking-tape sculptures and music. The show is titled ďThe Art Show Collection.
My personal vision: A life of meaning for myself and others.
It is important to me to live my life in a way that shows kindness, care, and concern for family and friends and even strangers. Earn respect for myself based on recognition of my accomplishments and abilities, maintains a sense of appreciation of the beauty of nature, and a sense of humor.
I want to have a life that includes constant learning and improvement for me, but that also creates an atmosphere of pleasurable learning and improvement for others. not necessarily that I do a specific good deed, but more that some kindness or thoughtfulness or wisdom of mine has touched them.